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Nerdfighteria Island

a community made entirely out of awesome.

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A community made entirely out of awesome.
.What is a Nerdfighter?.

Nerdfighteria was created by the fans of video bloggers Hank and John Green, who can be found here on Youtube. A nerdfighter is a person that, instead of being made up of flesh and bones, is made entirely out of awesome. Their goal in life is to decrease world suck in many different ways. They don't care that they're considered "nerds" because to them, being a nerd is a GOOD thing! Nerdfighters come in many different shapes and sizes, from different countries, and are different ages. They respect each other, and get along quite well!

.How do I become one?.

If you want to be a Nerdfighter, you ARE a Nerdfighter! You don't have to join a club or go through initiation. Nerfighteria can be just about whatever you want it to be, and anyone can be a Nerdfighter, no matter their genfder, age, religion, or race.

.Where can I learn more?.

Well, the best way is to go watch Hank and John on YouTube, here. You can also get to know other Nerdfighters on Your Pants.

Plus, you can always ask anyone on this community!

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