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Nerdfighteria Island

a community made entirely out of awesome.

New Video: Tales of Nerd Love!
starkid ;; junior is a bamf
In which John tells us 4 stories of Nerdfighterlike. WARNING: Full of extreme nerd cuteness and fluffy romance!

Nerdfighter Friending Meme!
starkid ;; junior is a bamf

Just post this code into a comment and friend away!

starkid ;; junior is a bamf

Welcome to Nerdfighteria Island, where the roads are paved with peeps and everyone is made of awesome!

If, for some reason, you stumbled upon this community and have no idea what a Nerdfighter is or who the eff is Hank, let me direct you here, to the YouTube channel of the beloved vlogbrothers, a.k.a John and Hank Green.

If you are perfectly aware of what a Nerdfighter is and are looking for other people that are made of awesome just like you, welcome!

This community is dedicated to the vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green, and the community they have created through YouTube, called Nerdfighteria. Nerdfighters, instead of being made out of flesh and bone, are made entirely out of awesome. Their goal in life is to rid the world of world suck. However, it's a tough job, and we need all the help we can get!

Here, you can post graphics, fan fiction, news updates, or anything else related to Nerdifhgteria! Have a question regarding something Hank or John talked about in a video? We can help you with that! Want to organize a Nerdifghter gathering in your area? Post ahead!
Feel free to talk about any other nerdy things you wish; we're all Nerdfighters here! Just make sure to tag your entries. If you aren't sure what to tag them with, ask a mod.

If anyone is good at HTML and would like to submit a layout, that'd be TOTALLY AWESOME. Headers/banners, a profile code, and a mood theme would rock, too. I'll be designing some for now, but submissions would be greatly accepted.

Before posting, though make sure you know the rules of the community:

1. We are all Nerdfighters. Nobody is made of more awesome than anyone else. Unless, of course, we're comparing anyone to Hank or John. Because they totally out-awesome all of us. But really, no matter where we come from, what color our skin is, or who we choose to love, we're still human beings, and we're all made of awesome!

2. Respect others' opinions. Try and keep an open mind, and don't argue. Not everyone is going to agree, but we should at least respect where each person is coming from, even if we completely disagree with their way of thinking.

3. Don't be a downer. Nobody wants to talk to someone who shoots down every idea. Sure, some things may be impossible, but at least be supportive of everyone. Hey, who knows? Maybe we WILL have a Nerdfighteria Island one day!

That's all for now, but I'll be coming in and adding more rules as needed. Hopefully, they WON'T be needed!

If you need anything, you can contact me via message here, via Your Pants here, or through my email, disneymagic96@cox.net.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the community!